Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

Emergency Plumbing Problems You May Experience With Your Sewer Line

Julian Caldwell

When outdoor plumbing is left neglected, plumbing problems can crop up outdoors, which could lead to extensive damage. One of the areas susceptible to emergency plumbing repairs is the sewer line. Since this system is buried deep underground, it tends to take a while to notice there is a problem at hand.  A symptom to be wary of would be any foul odour emanating from your yard. Once spotted though, you should enlist the services of emergency plumbers post haste. The following are some emergency plumbing problems you may experience with your sewer line.

Your sewer line has been penetrated by roots

One of the biggest reasons your sewer line may be at risk of damage is roots encroaching it. This is especially prevalent on residences that have older trees. This is because their root system will be quite extensive. Although previously the roots may not have been in contact with the sewer line, they could eventually grow toward it. If the roots are growing in the direction of a joint in the sewer system, then the roots have a high chance of actually causing damage to the piping. Once the roots begin penetrating the sewer line, they form cracks and could eventually break the sewer line. Emergency plumbers should replace the sewer line post haste as you have the tree roots trimmed to prevent further damage.

Your sewer line has shifted out of place

Another reason you may experience problems with your sewer line is if it has shifted out of place. There are several reasons why this may happen. The most common culprit is construction in close proximity to the sewer line. If not careful, the contractors could cause the sewer line to cave in and this could lead to it breaking. Another reason why the sewer line may shift out of place would be tectonic plate movements. Although rare, they can also wreak havoc to your exterior plumbing system. A sewer line that has shifted needs to be attended to as soon as possible to prevent the risk of leaking wastewater spreading in your yard.

Your sewer line has developed blockages

Blockages in your sewer system typically come about from aging. The more the sewer is in use, the higher the chances that sediment and other debris begin collecting within its pipes. This decreases the diameter of the sewer line, which decreases its functionality. Emergency plumbers, like those at P1 Plumbing & Electrical, can clean out your sewer line to prevent complete blockage.


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