Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

Trends and Upcoming Changes in the World of Construction Recruitment

Julian Caldwell

If you own or manage a construction company, you undoubtedly are feeling the effects of the employment crunch. The increase in building projects has not been supported by an increase in workers, and as a result, construction companies have to be creative in their search for new talent. What's happening in the world of construction recruitment? How can you get a leg up on your competitors and find the best workers in the industry?

Here's a look at what's happening and what's on the horizon in terms of recruiting construction workers:

1. Booming gig economy

Whether you work with tradespeople, writers, consultants or cab drivers, you've probably heard the phrase "gig economy" bandied about. As part of the expansion of the gig economy, more and more tradespeople are setting up their own independent consulting businesses.

You can find these one-man bands on job boards, through internet searches or by networking with others in the industry, and they do everything from project management to quantity surveys to everything in between. The upside of hiring a professional on a gig basis (for a short time period) is that you only pay for what you need, rather than hiring someone for the long haul. The downside, however, is that these professionals may not have the commitment to your company that a full-time employee may have. Additionally, you may need to draft a non-disclosure statement so they don't share details of your project with your competitors.

2. Continued stability of recruitment companies

From an employer's perspective, the issue with the gig economy is that it can place the burden of recruitment on the employer, taking up valuable time. This is especially true in cases where the employer is looking for a highly skilled trades person or consultant as described above. However, construction company owners and managers who want to outsource that part of the process can still work with recruitment companies.

Recruitment companies find quality workers, and they match them to your needs. However, to ensure you get the best employee possible, you should work with a reputable company that has its insurance and liability policies in place, as well as a long history of customer satisfaction.

3. Apps on the horizon

As the construction recruitment industry continues to change to meet the needs of construction companies and workers, apps may fill in the gap. For example, this trend has already started in Singapore. There, construction workers whose visas are expiring may create a profile with their credentials, and construction companies who buy a subscription to the app can easily search through the profiles and hire a worker. As so much of the Australian building industry relies on immigrant labour, a development like this would not be surprising in the world of construction recruitment in the near future.  

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