Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

New Carport Features You Don't Want to Overlook

Julian Caldwell

A carport is a very simple structure that makes for a great option on property with no room for a garage or for when you want the space to double as an outdoor seating area or patio. However, as simple as it may be, it's important that you consider carefully all the features offered by a new carport so that you know you get the right type for your vehicle storage needs. Note a few of those features here, and discuss them with an installer as needed.


Most carports will have a sloping roof to ensure that rainwater and snow run off the roof and don't collect on the carport. When shopping and comparing roofs, you might notice that some have a longer eave that hangs down on the side of the carport, whereas others have a roofline that simply stops at the sides of the structure. The longer eave can help ensure that water and snow fall directly down the side of the carport and will be less likely to blow into it, under the roof. If you're very concerned about protecting your car, sporting goods, and anything else you have stored in the carport from damaging elements, opt for that longer eave. It may seem like a small detail, but it can mean added protection for your expensive goods.

Roof material

As with eaves from the roof, you may not give much thought to the roof material of a carport. However, a plain metal roof can really stand out next to your home and make the carport seem a bit industrial. Consider a tiled roof, in the same material and colour as the tile of your home's roof. If you're worried about the expense or the weight of tiles, have the roof powder coated or colour bonded; this is a type of painting process used for metal that is exposed to harsh weather and direct sunlight. This will tone down the look of the metal carport and keep it from seeming drab and industrial.

Walls or added beams for curtains

A simple carport will have four support beams, one in each corner, but consider having added beams in the middle of the walls or some type of wall material or slats. Added beams will allow you to hang outdoor curtains if you want to use the carport as a sitting area. Curtains, walls, or at least horizontal slats will give your stored items added protection against the elements; you can close those outdoor curtains when it rains or when your car is getting direct sunlight through the sides of the carport, reducing the risk of damage to its paint or its interior.


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