Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

Directional Drilling: Three Critical Safety Considerations for Your Worksite

Julian Caldwell

Horizontal directional drilling is more commonly known as trenchless drilling, and it is a favourable method for property piping and conduit installation. This method will be particularly useful in your project if you are planning on installing pertinent utilities in an area with functional buildings and spaces. In simple terms, the trenchless drilling method does not require open ground cuts or excavation of trenches for the installation process.

Therefore, you should expect reduced disturbance of the soil, minimal landscape damage, reduced traffic and property usage interruptions, low costs for property restoration and increased safety. On the other hand, if the drilling process is not performed correctly, your worksite could still experience some challenges and problems. Here are the most important safety considerations for a smooth trenchless drilling and utility installation project.

Position of Existing Utilities

There are numerous utilities installed underground in any type of property, including electrical conduits, drainage channels and sewage pipes. It is important to make certain that these are not damaged during the project. Therefore, you should know where these pertinent assets are located before drilling. You should check the initial property construction plans for these details. It is also prudent to look for physical evidence for utilities such as manholes, pole risers and pedestals. The assessment can also be conducted using radar to outline the exact position of underground assets. If possible, you should have the existing utilities exposed at specific intervals for certainty of their location.

Proper Drilling and Safety Equipment

You should discuss the equipment required for your project with the drilling contractor. The use of ideal machinery will ensure that there will be no incidents which could compromise the safety of the worksite. When selecting the pertinent directional drilling equipment, you should make sure that all crucial factors are considered. These include ground conditions, type of soil structure and the function of the drilled holes. You should also make certain that the machines are operated by licensed and experienced workers. In addition, discuss the availability of safety gear for the workers, including eye protection, insulated footwear and hearing protection.

Electromagnetic Interference

Trenchless drilling cannot be tracked using the drill operator's eyes since the equipment will be creating the required holes beneath the ground. Instead, this method utilises a tracking device which follows the head of the drill by analysing electromagnetic signals. Unfortunately, there can be interferences from TV transmission facilities, electrical conduits and underground metal structures. You should identify these interferences to avoid drilling in the wrong direction and causing safety hazards.


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