Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

Diagnosing condensation on double glazed windows

Julian Caldwell

If your house has double glazed windows, then you may have noticed condensation droplets on the sides, especially when it's cold outside. Don't worry because this occurrence shows that your double glazed windows are working as expected. However, it is also something that you should moderate given that in due course, it can ruin window frames.

How condensation occurs

A key benefit of double glazed windows is their ability to restrict heat from penetrating from one side of the pane to another. It achieves this by means of an air filled or inert filled vacuum between the two windowpanes. Therefore, when heat energy rises on one side of the glass, it cannot pass across the inner layer, and thus instead is mainly conducted back into the room. This helps stop heat escape and lowers your energy expenses. On the other hand, it creates a large disparity in heat levels from either sides of the glass panes, which creates an ideal platform for condensation. When the cold air inside your house makes contact with any cold surface, such as a windowpane, it is bound to lose the energy needed to hold onto the airborne water, resulting in a build-up of water droplets on the outside of the double glazed window.

What simple measures can be done to reduce condensation?


Always open your windows for almost 20 minutes every day even in cold months. Basically, this allows the humid air to escape and dry air to take its place.

Make use of extractor fans

When carrying out your normal household activities like showering or cooking, turning on your extractor fan will help eliminate humid air before it can condense on surfaces like your windows.

Dry your clothes outside

Drying laundry indoors considerably increases the level of water vapour inside your home. Of course, the water has to be deposited somewhere. If drying clothes outside isn't possible, make sure the laundry room is well ventilated.

What about condensation in between the glass sheets?

Water between the glass panes is a tell-tale sign that the air or inert gas cavity has developed a leak and is no longer impermeable. Remember, the inert gas inside a double glazed window is a key factor in its heat-retaining capacity. Once the inert gas allows entry of water vapour droplets, it will become saturated and unable to perform its job. The only solution at this point is to replace your double glazed window. Contact a company like Nu-Look Glass & Aluminium Windows for more info.


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