Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

Working with New Home Builders: 3 Home Design Features that Will Help Tremendously If You Have Arthritis

Julian Caldwell

You should feel comfortable and safe in your home, which is why it's important to carefully contemplate the design features in a home that can tailor to your individual needs. If you suffer from arthritis, like the 18% of other Australians who do, you'll want to speak with the new home builders to make slight adjustments and modifications to the design of your new home so that you can get around much more easily without straining your joints and muscles. While there are many modifications and adjustments that can be made, the following 3 home design features will do the most in making your new home arthritis-friendly.

Have Countertops of Varying Heights Installed

While most new home builders tend to build and install countertops of the same height in order to create a more uniform appearance and atmosphere in the room, consider deviating from the norm and having countertops of varying heights installed, especially in the kitchen. The varying heights can add depth and dimension.

Depending on the type of work that you plan on doing, you should use countertops of various heights. If you are performing work that requires upper body strength and force, like dicing onions, you'll want to work on countertops that have surfaces below your elbow. This gives you more range of motion and will place less strain on your joints. On the other hand, if you are doing something that requires elbow support, countertops and tables that are at elbow height will be best. New home builders can adjust countertop and table heights to fit your stature.  

Design Windows with Opening and Closing Mechanisms Below Shoulder Height

To make your new home appear more inviting and warm, incorporate as many large windows into the design as possible. Allowing natural sunlight to enter the room can also make each room appear larger. With that said, it's not unusual for tall windows to have opening and closing mechanisms at the top. This might mean you'll have to reach up in order to reach these mechanisms. It also means that you'll be straining your joints and muscles on a regular basis.

New home builders can install specific windows designed for those who struggle with arthritis. These windows have opening and closing mechanisms at or below shoulder height to make your life easier and to prevent your joints from being placed under unnecessary stress. .

Lower Cabinets and Shelves

On the same note as reaching, you also want to have the new home builders adjust the cabinets and shelves in your home by lowering them. It's best if most of your essential items can be stored at eye level, so you can avoid reaching or having to climb up tables or chairs to get to them.

As there will be much more overhead space above the cabinets and shelves, the new home builders should incorporate other architectural structures and features into the design. For example, they might want to install false cabinets to fill in the space or place hanging lights there to improve the ambience of the room.

Everyone has unique needs and preferences. When building a new home, you can completely revamp and design the house to meet your needs and your preferences. A new home builder can sit down with you to discuss your concerns and your desires to come up with a model that fits you.


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