Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

Residential Plumbing: Choosing Replacement Piping for Your Home

Julian Caldwell

Plumbing pipes are fabricated for optimal resilience and prolonged durability. However, they will still fail when exposed to adverse conditions such as high mechanical impact. In addition, if the pertinent house structure is old, the piping network might break down due to eventual wear and tear. If this is your situation, you will need to replace the pipes to restore functionality and general efficiency. Here are the primary replacement pipe options to consider choosing and installing in your home.

PVC Pipes

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes are relatively inexpensive products because the material is widely available. Moreover, this type of plumbing pipe has good performance properties which are ideal for residential applications. PVC pipes are strong and durable, so they can handle water flowing at high pressure. The surfaces are nonporous, and the material is not reactive. Therefore, there is no danger of degradation due to exposure to moisture. On the other hand, PVC cannot handle hot water. If the piping is exposed to high temperature, the walls will become warped. Fortunately, you can purchase the chlorinated PVC alternative. This is a special variant with extra chlorine in its structure which increase resistance against hot water damage.

PEX Pipes

Cross-linked polyethylene pipes are commonly known as PEX pipes. These pipes are favourable as replacement pipes for most residential plumbing applications. PEX pipes are advantageous because they are flexible products. This property makes this type of piping easy to install because the network can snake around difficult spaces. Moreover, the flexibility allows a single line of piping to be installed over a large area. This reduces the risk of water leakage since the most vulnerable spots are joints. Additionally, PEX is highly resistant to high heat, so you can use the pipes for both hot and cold water conveyance. The only drawback attached to PEX is the relatively high price of purchase, particularly in comparison to PVC.


If you would like metallic residential pipes, you should think about choosing copper products. This material is quite strong, durable and resistant to mechanical distortion when exposed to high pressure, extreme temperatures and impact. The pipes are not prone to leakage if installed property, so you can enjoy long-term service without extensive maintenance. In addition, copper is not susceptible to general corrosion like other metals, so the piping will not contaminate your water supply. However, you should note that the cost of purchase and installation is extremely high.

If you are not certain about the right replacement piping for your home, consult a licensed plumbing contractor.


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