Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

When Is It Recommended That You Have Your Property's Soil Replaced?

Julian Caldwell

If your residential property has very dry and rocky soil or soil that is lacking the nutrients needed to grow a thick and healthy lawn, you might have that soil treated. This can mean mixing topsoil or another fill dirt in with the soil to improve its overall quality. However, there are times when it's recommended that you have all the soil on your property just removed entirely and then replaced with fresh fill dirt. Note when this might be best for your property, and then discuss this option with a landscaper or other professional as needed.

When the soil has asbestos

While many homeowners have concerns over finding asbestos in the attic of a home, this substance can also be found in the soil. An asbestos removal company may be able to clean up that asbestos if it's only in a small and isolated area, but if it's found in all the soil on your property, it can be good to have that soil replaced with fresh and clean fill dirt.

Also, note that asbestos is dangerous when it becomes airborne and you breathe in the fibres. If the soil on your property is somewhat dry and dusty, that dust can scatter those asbestos fibres and pose a health hazard. In this case, it might also be recommended that the soil be replaced entirely.

High concentrations of bacteria and other contaminants

Soil can collect high levels of bacteria and other contaminants from a nearby production facility, water treatment plant, or other industrial setting. If you have wells on your property or want to plant a garden or farm, this can become a health hazard. Those contaminants can seep into the well water, and your home's filter may not be able to clean that water properly; these contaminants are also absorbed through the roots of vegetation and your crops. In these cases, it's good to have the soil replaced entirely.

Consistent treatment can be costly

When considering your options for improving your home's soil, remember that persistent contamination from nearby facilities or very rocky soil may require treatment every year or every few years. When comparing prices, be sure to include the cost of having the soil treated as often as necessary, versus simply having it removed and replaced. You may find that needing your soil treated with lime or clay or a soil detergent this often can be more costly than simply removing that soil and starting with fresh fill dirt.


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