Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

Call a Plumber For These 3 Common Issues

Julian Caldwell

When you own a home, all of the home maintenance tasks suddenly become your responsibility, including plumbing issues. It can sometimes be difficult knowing when you need to call a plumber, or when you should try to fix the issue yourself. Here are some common plumbing problems that usually require a professional.

You Have a Dripping Faucet

This may seem like a minor problem, but it isn't always an easy fix. If you turn the tap and it always causes a dripping faucet, then you have a plumbing issue that needs to be addressed. You can try tightening the screws on the faucet to see if that is the problem, but if that doesn't help, you don't want to ignore this. It can start to waste a lot of water and if water drips around the faucet itself, it can damage that area and lead to more serious issues. The good news is that professional plumbers can fix dripping faucets fairly easily without paying too much for the repairs.

There is an Odd Smell

Plumbing leaks are not always as obvious as seeing puddles of water around the plumbing fixture or seeing water damage on the walls or floors. Another possible sign that you have a water leak and need to call a plumber is when you smell something funny near plumbing fixtures. This is usually in the bathroom, kitchen, or basement. The smell might be worse when walking close to a certain fixture, such as a kitchen sink or the bathtub in the bathroom. This usually tells you the leak must be somewhere in that general area. It could be occurring beneath the flooring tiles or behind the toilet and that's why you didn't see it yet. Call a plumber immediately if you smell something musty or like mildew.

You Are Having Water Heater Problems

You might be able to handle washing your hands in cold water and taking cold showers, but you shouldn't put off water heater problems for too long. As soon as your faucets start producing warm water, it is time to call a plumber. It is very possible that the water heater issue is a minor fix, so it is worth looking into. They can at least give you a quote and let you know what the problem is, so you can decide if you want to go through with repairs or wait to have the water heater replaced. They will also look for leaks, which is another good reason to call in a professional for water heater problems.


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