Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

A Couple of Considerations When Contemplating Window Repairs

Julian Caldwell

Whether your windows have acquired damage due to flying objects, severe weather elements or if they simply have started to appear worse for wear, the prospect of window repairs can be a source of anxiety. Homeowners typically assume that the project will cost an arm and a leg since it involves a lot of work. In reality, you can keep your costs down once you have narrowed down how you would like the repairs to be carried out. Below are some of the considerations to have when contemplating window replacement.

Should you retrofit or completely replace?

The first thing to note about window repairs is that you have the option of replacing the entire window or retrofitting the glass. With replacements, the contractors would have to cut through the cladding of your home and remove the whole window frame. As such, replacement can take a significant time to complete and would require various building supplies.

A retrofit, on the other hand, entails removing the damaged glass and installing new window pans. As a result, your cladding and window frames will not be affected during a retrofit. If your window frames are in good condition, then a retrofit would be sufficient for your needs. However, if the window frames have acquired damaged, you would be better off with a complete replacement to prevent undue repairs down the road.

Consider the framing material to use

If your window replacement includes the removal of the frames, you should determine what material to select for your new window frames. Timber tends to be a popular option among homeowners mainly due to the classic appeal it has. However, timber window frames will require intensive maintenance if they are to stay protected from decay, pest infestations and overall weathering. If you do not have the time or energy to engage in these maintenance measures, you should consider materials that would be more resilient than timber.

Vinyl is a good option for window frames as it is water resistant. Thus, it would not be susceptible to moisture damage. Aluminium is another ideal option that you could consider, as this material would provide additional insulation to your windows. In recent years, fibreglass window frames have become increasingly popular, as they are one of the toughest options in the market. Nonetheless, fibreglass is also quite expensive and may not be economical for homeowners engaging in window replacement on a modest budget.


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