Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

3 Top Things Contractors Should Consider When Choosing a Concrete Grinder to Work With

Julian Caldwell

Concrete grinding and polishing is a great way to breathe new life into old concrete surfaces. But choosing the right concrete grinder is key to ensuring that each job is done well. The choice of an appropriate type of grinder is based on numerous subjective factors, but concrete contractors should be sure to take these factors into consideration in order to attain the desired results.

Job-specific requirements

When it comes to concrete grinding and polishing jobs, each job is different. Therefore, the first thing that a contractor needs to do is to determine the specific requirements of the job that they want to perform so they can select a machine that can match those requirements. Matching a grinder to the particular needs of a job is critical to ensuring that the job is performed properly and that the contractor's reputation and bottom line are improved. In any trade or line of work, it is vital that a company performs its first few projects correctly so as to boost its reputation in the industry.

Power requirements

Not all concrete grinders are designed to run on the same type of power. Most grinders are electrically powered, but they can come in different voltage ratings. Some machines require larger voltage, while others require smaller voltage, depending on the size of the job. Before choosing an electric grinder, a contractor should make sure they can meet its power requirements.

When contractors need to work in an environment with no electricity supply, they will need to consider other power options, like propane and diesel-powered grinders. As there are no electric cord attachments and plugs required, these grinders can be easily moved around the jobsite, but they could be dangerous if used in small, poorly ventilated spaces. 


Another important thing that a contractor should take into consideration is the user-friendliness of the various concrete grinder models on the market. While most grinders are generally not difficult to operate, the potential for human error that can result in various problems can never be ruled out. Is it a complex piece of equipment? What type of power does it need? Is special knowledge and skill required to operate it? By knowing how the machine is designed and understanding what problems are likely to arise due to misuse, you can take appropriate actions to prevent potential problems.

Any concrete contractor that carefully thinks through these factors stands a good chance at selecting the most appropriate grinder for each job.


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