Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

4 Signs You Need to Hire a Specialist to Do a Subdivision Survey for You

Julian Caldwell

If you have bought a large plot of land that you want to subdivide into individual properties, you generally need to hire someone to do subdivision survey for you. If you're trying to keep costs low on your project, you may want to do this yourself, but in most cases, it's best to hire a professional land surveyor.

Here are four signs you should hire someone to do your subdivision survey for you.

1. You Want to Ensure That You Are Compliant With Local Rules

Every area has different rules when it comes to subdividing property. There are rules on how big or small lots can be, how close they need to be to roads and other factors. If you develop land in a lot of different places, it's virtually impossible to keep track of all the different rules, and you may want to get help with this step. A survey expert can help to ensure you break up the land in a way that works with local laws and regulations.

2. You Want Help With Paperwork

Of course, when you break up a large plot into several smaller plots, you need to notify the correct government officials. Then, they have details on the sizes and locations of various plots that are being sold. If you don't want to handle that paperwork yourself, a survey company that does subdivision surveys can help you.

3. You Want to Map Out Roads and Other Essentials

When you hire someone to do a subdivision survey, they don't just break up the land into plots. They can also map out where roads, parks and common areas can go. Beyond that, they can consult with local officials and utility companies about requirements for drainage areas or utility easements. If you want to ensure all of this is handled correctly, it pays to work with a professional.

4. You Want a Professionally Made Map of the Area

As they divide up your land, a survey specialist can also create a detailed map of the area. They can ensure that you can easily identify where each plot starts and stops, and they can make it clear which natural features or nearby monuments they are using to base their measurements on. If desired, you can request several maps throughout the process. Then, you can review the preliminary map and make requests for changes before the final map comes out as needed.



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