Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

Sheet Metal Ductwork: Three Critical Considerations for Successful Custom Fabrication

Julian Caldwell

If you are planning on upgrading your HVAC ductwork, you should think about installing sheet metal structures into your home. Sheet metal ducts are more durable than alternatives. They can withstand mechanical pressure and general stress without distortion. Also, they are healthier than structures with fibreglass or boards. In simple terms, their nonporous surfaces will discourage the growth of microbes and subsequent infection of the home. If you are interested in opting for custom sheet metal fabrication for these elements, here are the most critical considerations to help you ensure optimal success. 

Material Selection

You should choose the right material for custom fabrication of the sheet metal ducts. This factor will determine the durability, performance and even the cost of the new HVAC elements. In general, the two popular metals used for this purpose are steel and aluminium. Steel has an exceptional inherent strength which will ensure durability. However, you should remember that the iron in the alloy makes it susceptible to rusting. Therefore, you should ensure that the sheet metal is galvanised. Aluminium is a lightweight alternative; it is easy to handle and install. While this option is not as resilient as steel, the material performs well in adverse conditions.

Metal Sheet Gauges

You should think about the sheet metal gauges before commissioning a fabrication project. The gauge refers to the thickness of the metal sheets which will be used for manufacturing the ducts. This factor will determine the thickness of the ductwork walls. Thicker walls are favourable because they are sturdy and resistant to damage. They will provide long-term service in comparison to alternatives. On the other hand, thinner walls are cheap and easy to handle because of their lightweight. You should discuss the most suitable gauges with your HVAC contractor before proceeding with fabrication. They will guide you on the right thickness for the main duct line and the branches.

Ductwork Shape

Finally, you should consider the shape of the potential ductwork to be manufactured. You can choose to fabricate and install round or rectangular ducts in your home. Your choice will determine the performance of the HVAC element in the long run. Round tubes are more favourable than the alternatives because they have minimal obstructions and efficient air flow. This reduces the fan horsepower required and the noise produced. On the other hand, rectangular ducts can be fitted with more ease in areas where the height clearance is limited. You should compare these options or select customised shapes such as flat ovals for your property.


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