Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

What Contractors Should Consider When Determining How to Perform Concrete Core Drilling

Julian Caldwell

When it comes to executing concrete core drilling jobs, contractors can either do the jobs themselves or hire a core drilling specialist. But before reaching a final decision on whether to take the DIY route or hire a pro, contractors have to give careful consideration to a myriad of factors, including the following:

The size and specifications of the job at hand.

The type of core drill needed for a concrete cutting job will depend on the size and specific requirements of the job to be carried out. Handheld drills have a compact size so they are easier to operate by hand. These drills are suitable for small concrete cutting projects. Larger projects, on the other hand, require the use of more powerful drills like rig-mounted drills that can provide faster project completion time.

The specifications of each project can also determine the right choice of drill for the job. For example, electric drills will be a better choice over fuel-powered drills for concrete cutting work that is to be conducted in confined spaces. Unlike fuel-powered drills, electric drills won't emit harmful emissions in the workplace environment.

If the size and specifications of a job call for the use of specialised tools and equipment that a contractor does not possess, hiring a concrete cutting expert would make better sense than attempting to do the job as a DIYer. If the contractor's in-house team lacks the training and skill required to operate the work equipment safely and properly, it would also be best to enlist the services of a specialist. 

Whether or not the company is better served by assigning the concrete cutting job to its own staff.

Another crucial aspect that contractors should think through is whether they are better off by letting their employees do the concrete cutting or stick to their specific areas of expertise. If staff members are not well-versed with using a core drill, they may take too much time to complete an easy job, and the results may not be satisfactory. Aside from this, they may damage the drills or hurt themselves while operating the machines.

If employees are not productive when used to perform concrete cutting jobs, it is better to let them focus on their specialties and hire a concrete core drilling specialist to handle concrete cutting tasks.

Concrete cutting is not an easy job, so it is always best for contractors to hire a core drilling specialist whenever in doubt about your ability to handle the job on your own. 


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