Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

Timber Ratings for Deck Builders

Julian Caldwell

If you are a building contractor and are looking to open up your business, then satisfying customer needs should be your primary objective. With more homeowners looking to add a deck on their property, constructing a structure that satisfies your clients is paramount. It starts with understanding how timber is rated. Notably, you can only choose the right wood for your decking projects if you have the correct information about timber rating. This article highlights the different types of timber ratings for deck construction purposes.

Class Ratings

First and foremost, depending on the durability, timber can be rated according to class. For instance, Class 1 timber is more durable than Class 4 timber. Therefore, when planning to build a deck, you must consider how much punishment the deck is going to take. For example, if a deck will come in contact with the ground, then you need to use Class 1 or Class 2 timber. The reason is that such timber is prone to damage from external factors such as insect infestation or groundwater. Similarly, if a deck will accommodate a lot of foot traffic, then the timber should be durable, and Class 1 timber is ideal.

Hazard Ratings

Hazard ratings are commonly found on treated pine which is a popular decking material. The type of classification informs someone about the ideal timber for indoor and outdoor deck applications. In this regard, treated pine timber is rated from H1 through H6. For instance, if you have a client that wants their deck outdoors, you will not use H1 rated timber. The reason is that the treatment on H1 estimated timber is not enough to protect a deck against termites. H4 or H3 rated timber is appropriate for outdoor decking needs. If part of the decking will be under salty water, then you should only use H6 rated wood.

Strength Ratings

Construction timber is also be rated based on the amount of stress it can withstand. In this regard, timber is rated between F7 and F34. If your client indicates that a deck will see very little traffic, then softwood is enough. Ideally, a deck's posts should be rated at least F7 since these can handle the low traffic levels. However, if the client plans to use the deck for regular family and friends gatherings, then the posts need to accommodate both human and furniture weight. For such a deck, timber with any rating between F17 and F34 will work best.


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