Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

Various Advantages of Underpinning Your House Using Steel Screw Piles and Support Brackets

Julian Caldwell

The foundation of your house is what provides the platform on which floors are installed, but also carries the weight of the entire structure. If its strength or stability is compromised in any way, immediate underpinning service will be required. Underpinning is the process of strengthening building foundations that have become weak and unstable so that the repaired buildings can become safe for occupation again.

Although there is a variety of ways of underpinning houses with faulty foundations, the use of steel screw piles and brackets has gained ground rapidly in recent times. This is because this underpinning method offers a number of great advantages over traditional pilings. Continue reading on below to learn about some of these advantages. 

Quicker installation

Unlike most traditional pilings, screw piles and support brackets don't require major excavations to be installed. This piling system installs fast with small, handheld tools, but where the ground is harder, a compact excavator may be used to get the job done quickly. The ease and speed with which this piling system can be installed are what gives it an edge over conventional underpinning systems. 

Less labour required

A crew of two is big enough to install this piling system. This eliminates the need for labour-intensive underpinning methods that tend to be expensive to use. This helps to reduce house underpinning costs considerably. 

Minimal environmental impact

The various contractors in today's construction sector are constantly looking for work methods that minimise the impact on the environment. As minimal vibration is produced when underpinning with screw piles and brackets, the risk of potential damage to areas adjacent to the foundation of your house will be greatly minimised. In addition, little noise is generated, thus minimising the disruptive effect of noise from worksites.

Eliminates the need for major clean-ups

Cleaning up a site that has been subjected to major excavations can be time-consuming and costly. As there is little to no spoils generated, residential underpinning with screw piles and brackets saves homeowners the trouble of performing major clean-ups after completion of their underpinning jobs. This helps them save both time and money. 

Generally speaking, the use of screw piles and brackets as an underpinning method is recommended in situations where the use of traditional underpinning methods may be impractical. But owing to the incredible benefits that it brings, this piling system is quickly becoming the standard method of underpinning. Consider consulting underpinning services professionals to establish if this underpinning approach is right for your home. 


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