Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

A Guide on Marine Project Consultants

Julian Caldwell

Marine project consultants are individuals who advise people that intend to build structures along the shoreline or at sea. In this excerpt, you will learn about marine project consultants and what to look for when hiring them. 

What is the work of marine project consultants? 

Marine project consultants are specialists in a wide range of marine projects, including dry docks, slipways, shipyards, oil rigs, ports, containers and dry bulk terminals. They may also help you to conduct feasibility studies, market research, strategic planning and benchmarking studies for the marine facility you intend to put up. Experienced marine project consultants may also provide consultancy services on shipping routes and environmental concerns to help boost the profits of people and companies engaged in maritime business.

What are the qualifications of a marine project consultant? 

Most marine project consultants are qualified in the field that they provide consultancy services. For instance, an individual that gives advice on port infrastructure may be a marine engineer. Experience is an essential factor — hence, most marine project consultants practice marine-based professions before deciding to offer consultancy services.

Where can you find marine project consultants? 

Most marine project consultants either have business websites or advertise their services online. Some may even offer online consultancy services. It is best that you work with reputable consultants and firms. Ask friends who have used such services to refer you to marine project consultants that they trust. 

What should you look for when hiring a marine project consultant? 

Below are some tips to help you when hiring a marine project consultant:

  • Experience: Inquire from the consultant if he or she has provided consultancy services for a similar project in the past. Consultants whose clientele includes governments and shipping companies may offer quality services.
  • Professionalism: The consultant should visit the site where you intend to put up the structure. He or she must show sufficient understanding regarding sourcing materials, construction, and project operation.
  • Staffing: For large projects, you may require to work with consultancy firms as they have many employees. In such a way, every detail of the project is covered.
  • Pricing: The services provided must be affordable and within industry rates. Ensure that you understand the pricing strategy and inquire on any extra charges you might incur.

Marine project consultants are individuals that offer advice on a wide range of marine projects ranging from construction to trading routes. When hiring a marine project consultant, ensure that he or she has sufficient experience in the field that you require advice. 


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