Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

Safety Measures During House Demolition.

Julian Caldwell

Demolition works are risky. As such, they are best conducted by licenced and experienced demolition contractors. This excerpt discusses the various safety measures that you should observe during house demolition. 

Choose a suitable method of demolition. 

Your demolition contractor should visit the site and decide on a suitable method of demolition. Considerations to be made include the size of the building, proximity of other structures and accessibility to the area. For example, the contractor may rule out the use of a wrecking ball if there is a nearby structure or power line. On the other hand, he or she needs to conduct a thorough environmental assessment when conducting implosions. 

Inspect the structure. 

Inspect the house for dangerous materials such as asbestos. If you pull down the building without removing asbestos walls and roofs, then you expose workers and neighbours to asbestos fibres. During the inspection, the contractor will disconnect power installations and check the location of sewer lines and septic tanks. 

Dust control. 

Inhaling demolition dust could lead to illnesses such as asthma and silicosis. Bird and bat droppings found in ceilings contain fungus. The fungus cause histoplasmosis, a fungal infection of the lungs. One of the best ways of managing dust at the site is spraying water to dampen the concrete. To control airborne dust, contractors use atomised spray systems that release water droplets at high velocities. These droplets collide with dust particles and drive them to the ground. The systems can be truck or boom mounted depending on the size of the building. Alternatively, you can avoid dust generating works during windy weather. 

Operating plant equipment. 

Below are safety tips you should observe when operating demolition plant equipment:

  • Plant equipment should be operated by qualified personnel.
  • Conduct regular inspections to check the functionality of critical components such as booms, arms and buckets.
  • Workers should keep a safe distance from plant equipment. Some contractors utilise radio frequency identification detection systems that warn an employee and the plant operator if the person breaches a predefined safe zone.
  • The plant operator and other personnel on site should maintain a clear line of communication by using hand signals, walkie-talkies and flags. 

Handling emergencies. 

Before the demolition works commence, formulate an emergency response plan. The plan should define the measures to take in case of an accident at the site. Have a first aid kit and emergency contacts to local authorities, ambulance services and the fire department. 

The primary safety measures to take during demolition works are choosing a suitable demolition method, house inspection, dust control, safe operation of plant equipment and having an on-site emergency plan.


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