Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

How To Increase The Daylight In Your New Kitchen So It Seems Larger

Julian Caldwell

The more light and bright a room is, the larger it seems. So making the most of the daylight that enters your kitchen will help to push back the walls so that the whole area appears more spacious. 

Make The Most Of Daylight From Windows

Windows are usually the main entry point for daylight. You might not want to undergo construction to extend them during your renovations, but paying attention to window treatments is the next best thing. Go for light and airy solutions rather than dark, heavy blinds or shutters to maximise incoming light. Also, when planning upper cabinetry and other furniture, make sure they don't block the incoming light flow. 

Once the daylight is inside the kitchen, focus on making the most of it by creating surfaces that will rebound it to all corners. Dark, matte finishes absorb light while light, polished ones reflect it. So deep-coloured dull cabinets, flooring or benchtops will accumulatively consume the inflowing daylight. On the other hand, each pale and glossy surface will ricochet the light around so that it reflects from cabinet doors to opposing walls to other areas.

Skylights And Sun Tunnels

After making the most of window light, you can turn to other possibilities. One option is a skylight, which allows in potentially three times the light of a similarly sized vertical window. The reason for this is its upward facing angle. A skylight admits direct light, whereas a window typically receives reflected light from a fence, the ground or foliage. If the structure of your kitchen doesn't allow for a traditional skylight, a sun tunnel might be possible. These funnel the light from a dome on the roof through a tube that can turn corners and travel some distance before reaching the ceiling opening. The advantage of this is that you can customise the direction and length of the tunnel to fit in with your home's structure.

Glass-Panelled External Doors

Another elegant solution is an external glass-panelled door. Frosted safety glass with a smooth satin finish lets diffused light inside while providing privacy at the same time. And insulated glass will prevent heat and cold from passing freely through the door.

Finally, when taking into account the total brightness of your kitchen, don't forget about the referred light that enters from other nearby rooms such as hallways and dining rooms. The effect depends on the inflowing daylight and the colour and finish of the surfaces in those adjacent rooms. 

Learn more about options you have to bring in more light from a local renovation contractor.


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