Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

What to Consider Before Committing to Hiring a Bathroom Waterproofer

Julian Caldwell

Bathrooms are one of the areas of the home that get outright wet. If you're building a new house, you're required by law to make sure your bathroom is properly waterproofed. When seeking out a waterproofing contractor for your new bathroom, it is important to note that not all contractors are created equal. That said, selecting the best waterproofing contractor for you is vital.

Here are some factors to consider when hiring a bathroom waterproofing contractor.


In most states and territories, the person who carries out the waterproofing must have a valid waterproofer's license. The waterproofer may be a dedicated contractor or a tradesperson such as a tiler licensed to undertake waterproofing jobs.

Upon completion of the job, these waterproofers may be required to issue a compliance certificate. See to it that you hire a waterproofer that's licensed and provides you with a waterproofing certificate after completing your job.


If someone gets hurt or injured while working for you, you may be legally held for their injuries. To protect yourself from this risk, it is important that you hire a waterproofer that's insured to work in your home.

The waterproofer's insurance should also cover against damage that may occur to your property while they are working for you.


Your bathroom waterproofing job should be done right the first time. To attest to the quality of work that they do, your preferred contractor or tradesperson should provide you with a warranty on their work and products once they complete your job.

If the job isn't done correctly the first time, they should be willing to come back and fix the problem without charging you extra.

Previous Projects Completed

The best waterproofers don't shy away from showing you what they can do. Ask prospective candidates for references of similar projects that they have completed before. This way, you can ask past clients about the quality of work that a waterproofer can deliver as well as how they treat their clients.


How much will you be required to pay for your bathroom waterproofing? This is another key factor to think about before committing to hiring a waterproofer. Get written quotes from a few prospective waterproofers to compare costs and the quality of service offered.

Considering the above-highlighted factors is essential to ensure you find the right bathroom waterproofer. Ultimately, the best candidate is one that matches your particular situation and budget. Try calling your local waterproofing contractor like those at Westside Sealants Pty Ltd for more information today.


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