Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

Special Considerations for Choosing a Pressure Relief Device

Julian Caldwell

When you embark on a construction project, piping systems will make up a chunk of the installations. You need pipes to supply water, fuels, and other fluids required to facilitate various fittings on the site. Moving gases and liquids through pipes come with the risk of overpressure. Overpressure is a situation where the fluids in the pipes have lots of momentum that can surpass the ability of the pipes carrying them. Generally, overpressure results from blocked discharge, fire, and gas blow-by, among others. You must install pressure relief valves to help you handle overpressure. Here are the considerations that go into choosing the right relief devices: 

The Set Pressure

Typically, pressure relief devices are designed to relief your conduit pipes when the system reaches maximum pressure. The maximum pressure depends on the design codes of your installation. The essence of the design codes is to make sure that the weakest point of the installation can handle the normal operating pressure of the pipework. When the pressure surpasses the maximum operating pressure, a pressure relief device must step in to relieve the systems and keep the pipes from bursting. Therefore, you need to think about the set pressure of your pipework and choose a pressure relief device that can handle your operating pressure.

Levels of Backpressure

Backpressure refers to a force that opposes the smooth, desired flow of liquids and gases. Fluids under pressure have magnitude but particular direction. They move to the direction that pumps and conduits pipes point them to. When this happens, friction between the fluids and pipework arises and leads to changes in pressure levels in the system.

High volumes of fluids moving through pipework generate lots of backpressure. Your pressure relief device must be ready for this backpressure. Ideally, choosing a relief device with a large margin between its operating pressure and your set pressure helps the device deal with backpressure effectively.

Multiple Relief Valves

The ability to use and support and multiple relief valve systems is another consideration for you. Don't settle for devices that cannot support multiple relief systems even if they can handle huge loads. The idea is to mitigate risk, and having multiple pressure relief devices means that you have back up in case your relief device fails. A multiple relief system is also a good way for you to build upon the margin between your set pressure and the operating pressure of the relief device. You will be safe at all times.


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