Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

Problems You Escape When You Keep Your Drains Clean and Clear

Julian Caldwell

Drains get clogged and make your home messy, and that's why some homeowners consider clogged drains as a plumbing emergency. Clogged drains don't just cause trouble to the entire plumbing system, but they also lead to structural damage and health problems. So what issues do you avoid when a plumber unclogs the drains?

Feeling Sick Often

You risk your health in a big way when you don't act fast to clear that bad clog. Clogged drains cause retained water and waste, and they also invite bacteria and other harmful microbes. Clogged drainage doesn't only cause irritations and allergies, but also serious respiratory problems and other major health problems. Cholera, typhoid and asthma become common illnesses among your family members when you don't keep your drains clear or unclog them. Retained waste and water in the clogged drains create a favourable environment for fungi and bacteria to grow and build up.

Pests in Your Home

Most homeowners know that clogged drains attract pests in their homes. Those pests don't come because your house is warm, but because those clogged drains have a lot of food for them. You expect pests such as flies, beetles, mosquitoes, rats, ants and roaches when you have clogged drains. If you find pests migrating in your house often, then a plumber needs to inspect your drainage system to see if it's the system that i keeping those pesky pests happy and busy.

Pipe Leaks

Your faucets will be intact even when your drains are clogged, but you won't avoid pipe leaks. Though you won't hear these pipe leaks, you will identify them. People who ignore these leaks risk experiencing floods later. Pipe leaks are disastrous to your home's internal structures, and that's why you should contact a professional plumber to fix them early. Mould growth, damp odours, chipped off paint and water patches on the walls show you have pipe leaks to fix. Don't rush to repair your pipelines yourself before a plumber inspects your drains to identifying the underlying problem.

Backed-up water is also a major problem when you don't clean your drains regularly. Dirty water backflows into the rooms when the drains are clogged, and this creates a nasty and unhygienic environment at home. Most do-it-yourself approaches fail when handling clogged drains and end up creating more problems, so always call in a plumber to clear your clogged drains to ensure nothing goes wrong. Contact a plumber near you to learn more today.


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