Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

Commercial Repainting: How to Approach It to Keep Your Business On-Brand

Julian Caldwell

Commercial painting is among the most effective ways to boost your business's image. If you haven't repainted your commercial building for the last five years or more, then you are doing your business an injustice. Most customers make their first impression of your company or business based on its appearance. Repainting your commercial property gives it a professional look and promotes your brand in a big way. Colours highly influence the feelings and moods of your employees and customers, and that's why you must choose paint colours that agree with or accentuate your brand. Here are commercial painting tips to help you stay on-brand:

Think About the Image of Your Brand

Painting your commercial building won't be meaningful if it will not boost the overall image of your business and support your brand. Consider the logo colours, and use some of the prominent colours on it on the interior and exterior surfaces of your business building. Most commercial painters look at the logo colours to know the ones to use, especially if the colours are meant to direct the customers to some focal points within the commercial property. The paint colours will easily accentuate your brand if they are effective in attracting the attention of both prospective and regular customers.

Go for a Friendlier Coating

Effective commercial painting starts with getting the right paint and the best colour scheme. Professional commercial painters use digital colour imaging and high-quality paints to make your commercial building more appealing. Extreme weather conditions are inevitable, so you should choose a coating that will withstand them and still keep the exterior section of your building fresh and bright. A poor-quality coating won't withstand frigid cold, extreme heat, heavy storms and harsh sunlight. A semi-gloss finish is vital when repainting the interior of your commercial property.

Get the Best Primer

Most people don't know how to choose the best primers, and that's why you need to work closely with a professional painter to help you get the right one. Everyone expects a uniform surface after applying the final coat on the interior or exterior part of their business property. A quality primer serves as the first paint coat, and it effectively minimises abnormalities and covers up imperfections on the surfaces. Choose a primer that adds an even texture and colour if you want to have a uniform and smooth finished wall.

Painting your commercial building is crucial if you want always to be on-brand. Taking such a huge undertaking lightly will hinder business growth and distort the brand image. Customers won't have confidence with your brand if they find peeling paint or unsightly stains on the walls of your office. An experienced commercial painter will perfectly match the commercial building's new look with your brand. Contact a commercial painter in your area for additional advice.


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