Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

Understanding Civil Works

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Civil work is more than just building roads, bridges and railways. It involves work related to the construction of commercial or public buildings and institutes, industries, water management works, transport engineering, geotechnical services and environmental services.

Therefore, if you want to take up a career in civil work, or want to hire civil work services, you should know these different sectors:

Construction of Commercial or Public Buildings and Institutions

This includes buildings like shopping centres, public garages and parking lots, cafes, restaurants, banks, schools, universities, government-run hospitals, etc. If you have a construction project that touches on these buildings, hire a civil work company that specialises in civil work related to the construction of public or commercial buildings. Likewise, if the construction of public buildings is a career path you are interested in, take courses related to civil work in commercial or public buildings.

Civil Work in The Industrial Sector

This mostly involves the construction of factories and warehouses. Communication towers and business parks can also be included in this category. Just as the construction of public buildings mentioned above, identify your needs; if they are related to the construction of warehouses and factories, you require to hire civil work services related to the industrial sector.

Civil Work Specialising in Water Management

Public or even private wastewater treatment and collection systems are handled under this category. It also includes the management of water supply and distribution systems, watershed and stormwater management systems. If you have a water supply or wastewater treatment project, these are the civil work specialists to hire.

Transport Engineering

This is the most common piece of civil work because it involves the construction of roads, railways, airports, water transportation, etc. If you have an interest in such work, you should take courses related to civil engineering work under transport engineering. These are also the go-to engineers for your road, rail and airport construction projects.

Geotechnical and Environmental Services

Any work that is related to geology, soil treatment, hydrogeology, slope stability, seismic response, environmental consulting, EPA permitting, installation of wells and monitoring, environmental assessment, survey, etc. falls under the category of geotechnical and environmental services.

If you look at most civil construction work, most of the time it involves the evaluation of the environment, especially soil and rock properties. Therefore, most civil engineers who carry out the construction of buildings, roads, rail, warehouses and factories also need to have some geotechnical and environmental service knowledge or use civil engineers who fall under this category.


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