Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

4 Industrial Construction Tips

Julian Caldwell

Unlike residential construction, industrial buildings require special features to guarantee the functionality of industrial machines and the safety of people working inside the facility. So how do you go about industrial construction? Below are some useful tips. 

Strictly Work With Professionals

Work with construction professionals experienced in industrial construction. If you plan to lease, sell or rent out the building, ask a land development consultant to conduct some research to decide the viability of your project. Once the consultant approves the development, hire a geotechnical engineer and architect to survey the site and work out a suitable foundation to prevent structural failures in the future. The professionals will also design the building and come up with blueprints for your contractor to use.

Below are some tips to help you hire an industrial construction contractor

  • The contractor should have general liability insurance and a licence to operate in your area.
  • He or she should have sufficient funding to ensure the project does not stall before completion.
  • Contact some of the contractor's previous clients to ensure he or she will not breach the contract.
  • The contractor should have reasonable terms. 

Secure The Right Permits

The construction work must be legal. As such, submit the proposed plan to the local council to get construction approval. Besides, you will also need to contact electricity, water and gas companies to get a licence to install the amenities on your property. Thoroughly evaluate the building code to check the required standard for industrial buildings. Besides, ensure that you follow zoning and strata regulations.  

Make A Budget

The architect should prepare estimates of how much it will cost to put up the building. Use these estimates to bargain the contractor's quote. Other than construction costs, you will also have to pay some cash to obtain the various licences. Do not shy off from taking a bank loan if you do not have sufficient capital. 

Make Safety A Priority

Always observe safety at your construction site. For instance, all employees should have personal protective clothing and fall protection systems when working at elevated places. Besides, earthmovers and other construction equipment should be inspected and maintained regularly. Do not rush the project to meet deadlines. Shortcuts such as failing to let the cement cure will compromise the structural integrity of the structure. 

Your engineer and architect should make regular visits to the site to ensure the contractor follows the blueprints. Remember to engage a certifier to ensure local building codes are followed.


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