Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

Features to Integrate into Your Project for Sustainable Commercial Building Design

Julian Caldwell

When planning a commercial building project, the top priority that you may have is sourcing construction supplies affordably in an attempt to keep the project's costs low. But while purchasing commonly utilised materials may help with managing your budget you should note that these materials will not be economical in the end. You may be surprised to find that the cost of maintaining the structure coupled with the energy expenses you accrue will surpass your initial expenses. The best way to go about commercial building design is to prioritise eco-friendly building techniques and materials for short and long-term cost savings.

To get you on the right trajectory, here are a few of the features to integrate into your project for sustainable commercial building design.

Durable exteriors

Although cladding is deemed optional in both commercial and residential construction, you should not underrate the advantages that it offers, more so if you invest in durable supplies. Cladding that is capable of enduring the changing Australian elements not only protect your building materials but they help with energy savings and enhancing the aesthetic of your commercial building. One of the sustainable cladding materials that you can choose for your commercial building design is fibre cement. Comprising cellulose fibres and cement, the cladding protects your structure from termites, fire and high winds. Additional cladding materials that will provide your structure with a durable exterior include steel and modified timber that is resistant to rot.

Engineered flooring

If you want the warmth of hardwood floors in your commercial building but do not want to waste resources by having to engage in annual repairs and resort to replacing the flooring down the road, you should consider engineered flooring. New-age technology employed in the manufacture of engineered flooring has dramatically improved the aesthetic of this material and this makes it hard for even a discerning eye to differentiate it from its natural hardwood counterpart. Engineered flooring also has the added advantage of offering you the aesthetic of solid wood floors while being resistant to temperature changes, exposure to moisture and heavy foot traffic. So you do not have to be concerned about damage, more so in a busy commercial property.

Efficient waste management

One system that is usually underrated in commercial building design yet has a massive impact on bot energy consumption as well as expenditure is waste management. If you do not invest in an efficient waste management system, you will notice that your building is vulnerable plumbing emergencies, repairs and more. The first place to start is by investing in high-quality plumbing supplies such as PVC piping that is easy to install or steel that is ideal for heat retention if the building needs this. Also, consider systems for water recycling that will help with minimising wasting this resource.


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