Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

Things to Consider When Planning a Home Extension

Julian Caldwell

If you're thinking about building an extension to your home, it is important that everything is carefully considered before work starts. This article provides details of some of the questions you need to answer before commencing any construction work. Read on to discover more.

Will the extension add value?

Extensions that add value to your property can be a sound investment, but it is important to get a professional opinion before you start work. You should ask your designer or builder about the impact the extension will have on internal and external space in addition to how it may affect any potential resale value.

Do the plans meet local building regulations?

When planning to build an extension, there are certain rules and regulations which must be followed. This area of law is governed by local authorities. If the work is not in accordance with these rules, you may be fined or forced to demolish the structure.

Can services such as gas, water and electricity be extended into the extension?

If you are extending an existing house to add on extra space, then there are certain services that must be extended. For example:

  • Extension of gas services
  • Extension of water services
  • Installation of electrical services, such as cable TV or internet

It is important to check beforehand that it is practical and safe for these types of services to be extended throughout the property and the new extension.

Will you need to move out of the house during the construction work?

If you are building an extension to your house, then there are going to be a number of times when you may need to temporarily move out of the house. These can be, for example:

  • When the walls are installed, possibly temporary partitions will need to be constructed and filled with sound insulation.
  • When foundations are installed to prepare for the main structure if there are any services or plumbing that needs to be connected.

What impact will the construction work have on your neighbours?

Some types of work such as extra foundations, extra stud walls or structural work can create a lot of noise and vibration which could have an effect on your neighbours. It is a good idea to communicate with neighbours before any work begins. Speaking to your neighbours can help to minimise any objections to the work.

For more info on home extensions, contact a local construction company today.


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