Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

Tools Used by Land Surveyors: A Guide

Julian Caldwell

If you are about to call in a land surveyor to work on your construction project, you may be curious about the tools they will use when working on your site. This article details some of the tools of the trade that a land surveyor will use to accurately map a construction site. Read on to find out more!

Clinometers and Compasses

A compass is used to identify true north and magnetic north. All land surveyors use them on-site to ensure they are taking measurements in the right direction. A compass will often be used in conjunction with a clinometer which is used to measure angles of elevation or depression. A clinometer uses either a mirror or prism to reflect light downwards and measure the elevation of objects and land. They are especially useful for surveys of areas of geographical features such as hills or valleys and can be used to measure angles across any slope of land caused by erosion, landslides or earth movement.

Personal Safety Gear

All construction sites should be considered hazardous places to work, so all workers must wear safety gear such as helmets, boots, glasses and gloves. Land surveyors also wear safety gear to protect themselves from injury while taking measurements from high up off the ground or out across unstable areas such as rocky outcrops.

Magnetic Locating Equipment

These are used to allow the land surveyor to quickly establish the location of sewers, manhole covers, pipes and other underground obstacles. The surveyor will map these so any excavation work can be carried out safely.

Tapes and Chains

Chains are used by land surveyors as benchmarks. They are attached to trees or stakes in the ground and marked with an identifier that allows them to be found again at a later date when the property is developed. This ensures that construction adheres to building laws. Tapes are also widely used by land surveying companies, as they allow for fast and accurate measurements on-site.

Tripods and Mounts

The angle at which land surveyor stands is often crucial, as it can make the difference between getting an accurate or inaccurate reading. Land surveyors often have to use tripods and mounts to get the best possible viewing angles when taking measurements.

In Summary

These are just a few of the tools used by land surveyors on construction sites. For more information please contact your local land surveying company and find out exactly what they use on-site.


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