Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

Ways That Plantation Shutters Benefit a Home

Julian Caldwell

Window coverings come in many forms and varieties, including blinds and curtains. Another option is plantation shutters, which will benefit your home in numerous ways. Here's how.


Plantation shutters are a decorative treatment that draws attention to the windows. They give a warm, textured effect because of their layered louvres. However, they're not as intrusive as curtains, which take up a lot of space and protrude into a room. Plantation shutters offer the perfect amount of ornamentation without being over the top.

Suits Various Decors

The design of plantation shutters suits a diverse range of decors. You could install stained timber varieties in a bohemian or rustic space. Otherwise, fit white painted timber plantation shutters in a traditional or modern room. Because plantation shutters are such a versatile window dressing, you can remodel the space in the future and not be limited by the design of the window coverings.

Can Be Installed in All Rooms

You can create a consistent look for your home by installing plantation shutters on all windows, including bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and living areas. You'll have a choice of materials, such as wood, vinyl, and aluminium. Timber is not appropriate for humid rooms like bathrooms. So, for those areas, you could install vinyl versions. You can still provide a uniform look. For example, you could fit white painted timber in most rooms in the house and install white faux-wood vinyl shutters in the bathroom.

Ventilation Control

Not many window coverings allow you to control the breeze as well as plantation shutters do. Because they fit securely within the window frame, you can adjust the louvres to block the breeze or to allow it to stream inside. Other window coverings, such as blinds and curtains, flap around in the wind, and they don't seal the window so securely. They don't allow the same ventilation control as plantation shutters.

Suits All Window Shapes and Sizes

Plantation shutters suit windows of all shapes and sizes, as they can be structured in various ways. For example, shutters can be fixed within the window so that you can angle the louvres only. However, you can also connect swinging shutters across wide windows, for example. Other options include bifold shutters, which you could place across a wall of glass windows and doors looking onto a patio. Whether you have bay windows or large, expansive modern windows, you can construct plantation shutters to fit the space.


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