Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

Wastewater System Considerations for Assisted Living Facilities

Julian Caldwell

As assisted living facilities grow and expand, the idea of having an onsite wastewater system may come up. Your board of directors and land development team may decide that the assisted living facility needs to have an onsite wastewater system in cases of city septic and sewer issues. By having an onsite wastewater system, you can ensure that the septic and water filtration systems are working at the highest quality for your residents at all times. If you are considering a move to onsite, here are some key points to know. 

Proper Distancing

One of the key points to keep in mind with a move to an onsite wastewater management system is proper distancing. You will need to make sure the actual treatment portion of the facility is located a suitable distance from the assisted living. Remember, the wastewater can not be near the facility or the soil surrounding the facility that could become contaminated. This may require permits and contractor surveying to ensure the proper location for the wastewater processing system. You may also need to survey and purchase additional property specifically for this system and the implementation of the onsite transition you are making. 

Exit Flow

The exit flow from different buildings on the property is vital. Remember the pipes can meet up eventually, but you will need to have proper exit flow from each building so wastewater flow does not cause too much pressure in the pipes. Pressure buildup can cause cracks or breaks in the pipes, leaking and clogging. Your contractors will likely lay out a plan for the different building wastewater flow and the proper pipe size for that flow to avoid issues and damage. 

Pickup Points

One aspect of wastewater systems is found in the final stage of the water processing. This is the point at which rejected water and sludge is dewatered and the soil is separated. This waste soil is generally picked up by trucks and removed to composting sites. You will need to ensure there is a suitable area for these trucks to arrive on location, obtain the waste soil and remove it safely without disturbing your residents. 

When you are ready to begin the transition to onsite wastewater services, consider a meeting with your contractors and plumbing professionals. They can work with you and civil engineers to design a wastewater system that works with your specific facility and with any expansions you plan on making in the coming decade or longer. Contact a wastewater design service for more information. 


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