Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

Why Is Vinyl Cladding More Popular Than Ever?

Julian Caldwell

If you want to protect the outside of your home as much as possible in the harsh Australian climate while keeping a close eye on your overall cost of living, you need to choose your external cladding very carefully. As you may know, there are many different choices available in the marketplace, but if you've never thought about vinyl as the material of choice, why should you give it very careful consideration?


Many people in your situation may choose fibre cement, wood and especially brick when it comes to cladding material. These options have been around for a long time and can perform relatively well for the most part. However, they may not have the advantages of vinyl, which can score very highly when it comes to versatility, durability and cost.


Certainly, homeowners will want their property to look good, especially when it comes to that classic "curb appeal." You may not be aware, but vinyl cladding can come in a very wide array of different colours, profiles and textures, so you will have the ultimate choice when it comes to the ideal aesthetic. You can indeed find a product that will help you blend in with your neighbourhood profile or match your fitted roof and other features.


Vinyl is also relatively easy to install and is certainly good when it comes to maintenance. As such, you won't need to use harsh chemicals or spend a great deal of time cleaning and refreshing. In fact, conventional soap and water may be all you need to keep everything clean and presentable.

Vinyl will also retain its appearance for the long term, and you won't need to worry about painting it, as you would with some other options.


But it's not all about the overall look or ease of maintenance. You will undoubtedly have a close eye on your home running costs, and in this case, vinyl can help you with your thermal insulation. Several different brands are available that feature sophisticated insulation technology. This can help you maintain the internal temperature and avoid the knock-on effects of the harsh Australian sun. You should be able to save money on your overall utility bills as a consequence.


Furthermore, many vinyl cladding options have been specifically manufactured with soundproofing in mind. If you live in a noisy area, these products could be just right for you.


Talk with your cladding contractor about vinyl cladding systems. They will explain all the different options and, once chosen, will install them for you as well.


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