Building Your Dream Apartment

Building Your Dream Apartment

  • Top Trends in Timber Trusses and Framing

    The growing demand for affordable residential housing has tipped in favour of timber framing contractors. For a timber framing contractor, the increased demand represents favourable business prospects that can be tapped to expand the customer base. However, since trends in the timber framing sector ebb and flow, it is essential to know what's old and what's trending. This article provides insights on some of the current trends in timber frames and trusses.

  • Diesel vs. Electric Scissor Lifts: Which One Should You Choose?

    Scissor lifts are versatile pieces of access equipment that can be used for various tasks that require working at height. They are utilised by professionals in different projects such as window and wall cleaning, construction, tree lopping, gutter cleaning, and even stacking shelves in a warehouse. Whichever task you have that requires working at height, hiring a scissor lift can significantly ease your project. However, scissor lifts come in two main types: diesel-powered and electric models.

  • Timber Ratings for Deck Builders

    If you are a building contractor and are looking to open up your business, then satisfying customer needs should be your primary objective. With more homeowners looking to add a deck on their property, constructing a structure that satisfies your clients is paramount. It starts with understanding how timber is rated. Notably, you can only choose the right wood for your decking projects if you have the correct information about timber rating.

  • Two tips for those who are renovating a dilapidated house

    If you are planning to renovate an old, dilapidated house, here are a couple of tips that you may find useful. Replace the roof trusses before addressing other structural problems throughout the rest of the house If the property has been in a state of disrepair for a very long time, it will probably have a whole host of structural problems that will need to be tackled. Before your contractor begins this repair process, you should arrange for them to replace any damaged or deteriorated roof trusses.

  • What Contractors Should Consider When Determining How to Perform Concrete Core Drilling

    When it comes to executing concrete core drilling jobs, contractors can either do the jobs themselves or hire a core drilling specialist. But before reaching a final decision on whether to take the DIY route or hire a pro, contractors have to give careful consideration to a myriad of factors, including the following: The size and specifications of the job at hand. The type of core drill needed for a concrete cutting job will depend on the size and specific requirements of the job to be carried out.

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Building Your Dream Apartment

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